In the last few years the real estate market has been very dynamic and with big oscillations in prices. Sadly, in majority of cases the prices went down. Changes on real estate market were so great that big number of them even after the sale couldn’t even pay off the part of the bank loan. But there are counties that investment in real estate in much active and appealing then few years a back.

Barcelona, Spain

In Barcelona is recorded a growth of 250% then in the last year. Spanish government contributed greatly to this fact and allowed foreigner investors to have all sort of benefits. For example: two-bedroom apartment in the center of the city costs 680,000 euros.

French Riviera

French market has been on verge of a doom in the last few years, but since the government reduced the tax of capital gain on 25% many sellers have managed to get rid of some real estate which were on the market for so long. Now you can buy six-bedroom mansion for 16,7 millions of euros.



Grenada occupies only the small part of the Caribbean market. Authorities there offer permanent residence for investors who buy real estate. They are hoping to attract more high net worth investors. Two – bedroom mansion on a beach costs around 500,000 euros.

Tuscany, Italy

One thing is sure, if you buy real estate in Tuscany, whether the price is small or big, environment will always be jealous on you. This year reduction of taxes in Italy only brought more investors and classical mansion around Arezzo will cost you 1,8 millions of euros.



In the Turkey the selling of real estate to foreign buyers have grown for 78%. Most clients see Turkey as a land in which investment is secure and the leading city is Istanbul. One – bedroom apartment in Istanbul costs around 80,000 euros.


This land may not be exotic like some other Latin American country. However, since the 2012 this country has a stable government, which able to produce bigger gross then China. Two – bedroom apartment on the beach cost around 250,000 euros.


Monte Negro

By the World Truism and Travel Council, number of tourists in Monte Negro will grow more than in any other country. Monte Negro will give you more quality for invested money then nearby Croatia. Two – bedroom mansion with a pool costs around 420,000 euros.

Zell am Si, Austria

In Austria there’s been a growth of 10 to 15 percent in real estate market and high quality objects are on the price. The demand has exceeded the offer. Their government has been working to reduce illegal rent, and the market is full of investors seeking properties that have license for rental. Apartment in this area costs around 380,000 euros.


Mauritius is still the center of attention, regarding activities on real estate market and on the other hand it has really strong rental market. Foreigner buyer are applying for citizenship because of the tax benefits. Two – bedroom apartment of Anahita resort cost around 560,000 euros.