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Do you buy a new apartment under construction or an old building, with investing the extra money and renovate the property just like you want, is one of many issues plaguing nearly every customer. With this in mind, we decided to show you a few details that should be paid attention to no matter what you decide. Old buildings are very often in the newspapers and you can read some of the comments:

“It used to be better built; flats were of higher quality, the layout was better”.

However, we will demonstrate below that, in practice it is different story. If you decide to buy your old home following renovation, starting from carpentry, to plumbing and electrical, bathroom, kitchen, you will pay more than you were counting on. Buildings are often without elevators, problematic leaking and mold problem, neglected. When we add all the costs incurred by renovating old housing, we often realize that we could for the same amount of money buy an apartment in a new building.